Why Should I Fundraise for the RSPCA?

It’s a really great feeling to get involved in fundraising and know that you’ve made a difference to a great cause. However, there are so many worthy charities that it can be difficult to choose where to focus your fundraising efforts. Here are just some of the reasons why the RSPCA is a great charity to get involved with: The [&hellip

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Food Intolerance in Dogs on the Rise

If asked about food allergies and intolerance, many of us would have a friend or relative who is unable to digest wheat or dairy. In fact it is so uncommon that restaurants and retailers now cater for a wide range of intolerances and allergies, so why are we yet to consider our pets and their intolerances? Food intolerance and allergies [&hellip

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Dog Attacks -Why Blaming Breeds is Missing The Point
Why Do Dogs Bite

Dog bites are, in the main, avoidable and a better understanding of dog body language can help us get somewhere near to understanding the reasons and motivations for dog bites and serious dog attacks. Before we begin though, let’s ask – and try to answer – the question of whether dog bites are a breed specific problem. Dog Bites: A [&hellip

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The Poodle & The Pit Bull

Lessons about dogs and life By: Rachel Greenspan – I have learned many things about dogs, and life, from a Poodle and a Pitbull. Ok, I know that sounds ridiculous. What type of confused family would have the world’s most prissy, princess-like dog in addition to the world’s most feared breed? Contradictory, to say the least! Rosie is the poodle. [&hellip

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Make Ugly Faces at Dogs, Go Straight to Jail!
Dog Laws

They say ignorance of the law is no defence and as a person who prides himself as a good, law-abiding citizen and responsible dog owner I felt it necessary to arm myself with as many legal facts relating dogs as I could. Lucky I did. Would you believe how close I came to making funny faces at a dog the [&hellip

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Do Best Before Dates Matter With Dog Food?
Labrador Puppy

A recent article posted on The Consumerist website brings up a very good point (and lesson) that pet owners should take note of… The article comes from a pet owner whose Yorkie became ill, and after a couple of days in the vet’s office, the owner looked at her Eukanuba canned food and realized it had expired 3 years ago. [&hellip

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Beware The Dog Breeder Scam

Cunning Internet tricksters are behind a cruel method of conning unsuspecting Brits out of their cash and this time they’re using puppies to pull off the heartless swindle. International Internet fraudsters, commonly based in Africa or the Middle East are behind the scam which aims to con British dog breeders out of thousands of pounds. The conmen are sending emails [&hellip

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The Benefits of Dog Ownership For The Elderly

A survey of more than 4,000 members of the public by PFMA, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association, reveals 90% of people think that separation from a pet is traumatic for older people entering residential care or sheltered accommodation. The TNS research also found 83% agree pets make their owners happier and 54% think pet owners should be able to make [&hellip

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What Are The Best Selling Dog Toys?

Dog toys have taken on a life of their own. The market for dog toys gets bigger and broader each year as modern dog owners look for the latest, greatest, best dog toy that is going to make their dog smarter, entertain them longer or simply draw a smile. US-based BestFriends General Store has been selling dog toys online since [&hellip

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