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When ‘Cute’ Becomes Cruel


Wrinkly dogs often elicit a more emotional response from observers.

Cute. Aren’t they?

There is a problem with wrinkles. Wrinkles are, in essence, excessive skin. That’s bad. Excessive means exactly what it sounds like it means. Too much. Not needed. Shouldn’t be there.

Add that to a combination of a dog bred with exaggerated traits and you get, well, something like this…

What have we done?


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  1. that is totally horrible. i don’t know if it is the judges, or the breeders, but enough!
    i do like pedigree dogs, because i know what they were bred for, but let’s not get stupid.
    too much with the wrinkles.

  2. i think it is a combination of judges and breeders, of course, politics play a role as well.
    too bad for the poor dogs. i like purebreds myself, as i know what they were originally bred for, but there are some good, decent breeders out there, just do your homework,.

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