WATCH: This Cat & Dog Duo Set The Friendship Barrier High

If you own a dog and a cat, their friendships can be complicated. Much like people, some folks gel and some don’t. In my home, my cat loves one of my dogs because he’s calm and has quickly learnt how to influence her ways and earn kitty gold stars. She tolerates another (barely, at times) who is still young and a little too boisterous for her liking and isn’t given the chance to have an opinion on the third because she, frankly, ignores the cat’s presence unless there’s food involved and she has the chance to double up and steal the cat’s treat.

Some dogs and cats get on so well though, they have a bond envious to most and set the friendship barrier high.

Watch this video below and take a look for yourselves:

We told you, it’s lovely isn’t it? Friendship goals for sure.



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