WATCH: Meet the Service Dog Who Is Teaching Disabled Children to Surf

We all know how great dogs can be and the role they can play in our lives giving support and comfort whenever needed. They’re always there for us, and some dogs go above and beyond learning skills that set them on the path to become a service dog helping many along the way.

Meet Surf Dog Ricochet whose journey began as a service dog before becoming one of the world’s most famous, award winning surf dogs who surfs for fun, wins dog surfing competitions and most importantly, surfs with purpose helping those she meets along the way.

As the Canine Ambassador for Surfers with Disabilities℠, she’s the only SURFice dog® on the planet who provides therapeutic assistance while creating unique surfing experiences that empower kids with special needs, people with disabilities, wounded warriors and veterans with PTSD.

Watch the Video:

Judy Fridono, who trained puppy prodigy Ricochet, told us: “This service dog to SURFice dog story is about what we all want – to be encouraged to discover who we really are…to find our life purpose…and to be celebrated for being different.”

This surf-loving dog, Ricochet, gives us some serious life goals.

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