WATCH: Disabled Dog Learns to Run with New Prosthetic Legs

Daisy, a disabled dog from LA was abandoned on the streets of LA at just two months old before being taken in by animal rescue group, A Home 4Ever Rescue. She has since found a home to call her own with couple, Sheena and Christian Maine, and this fabulous little girl has now been given a new lease of life, thanks to a set of prosthetic legs.

WATCH: Disabled Dog Learns to Run with New Prosthetic Legs 1

Daisy has a deformed right shoulder. Both front hips and elbows are also affected. She used to use a wheelchair, and still uses it regularly, according to her owner’s blog on, but is predominantly using her new prosthetic legs.

Check out her video below! But be warned, if you think about all she’s had to overcome to this point this happy video will make you tear up so have tissues handy.

Speaking on her blog Daisy’s owner says, “Her new and improved prosthetic legs are amazing! According to Dr. Campana (from Animal Orthocare), the leggies can’t be too light and need to maintain a certain weight, so they aren’t comparably lighter to her previous ones. They are, however, much more compact, allowing Daisy to walk faster without the legs hitting each other like before. The sole of her leggies were cut shorter and now have a hook shape to them. Also, the leggies both feel and look as if they are actually a part of her legs. I am so excited for what the future hold for Daisy with her new legs!”

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