TV Presenter Chris Packham Says Britain Not so Dog Friendly After All

TV presenter and all round animal lover Chris Packham has spoken out about Britain being a ‘dog-ist’ society by restricting dogs access in restaurants and shops.

Speaking ahead of his new BBC show ‘Cats vs Dogs’ the wildlife presenter said his two miniature Poodles are the ‘most important organisms on the planet’ and was surprised at their levels of anxiety when left.

When speaking with the Radio Times he compares the UK to France where dogs are welcomed into restaurants and shops openly saying “When I’m in France, no one gets het up at all, and why would they? The dogs sit under the table. No problem.”

Photo Credit: Graham Racher

However, as we reveal in our next ‘Pet Friendly Europe’ feature within K9 Magazine, France might not be all that dog friendly after all at first glance (outside of restaurants, bars and bakeries). Read Paul Wojnicki’s experiences of visiting France with his Jack Russell, Falco here:



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