True of False: This Dog Received a Sex Change Operation?

Is it possible that dogs can have a sex change operation?

Well, it turns out, yes. It is.

A hermaphrodite dog underwent surgery to make her female and boost the chances of her finding a new home.

True of False: This Dog Received a Sex Change Operation? 1

Manchester Dogs’ Home said the condition was putting people off homing Georgie, a stray Staffordshire bull terrier cross.

The home’s manager at the time, Lisa Graham said:

“Georgie received a lot of interest but when people found out she had both male and female organs they backed away.” Now Georgie has had her male organs removed they are hoping to re-home her.

"We told people we were happy to fund it but they still weren’t interested," said Mrs Graham.

"She is a very soft and sweet dog and would make a lovely pet."

The manager of the charity said Georgie, who has been at the kennels since mid-August and is believed to be aged between one and two, had "recovered well" from surgery.

She said hermaphrodite dogs were "very rare, especially in cross breeds".

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