This Little Girl Couldn’t Walk on Her Own But Then She Met This Great Dane

Meet Bella and George. Bella is eleven years old and she weighs 43 lbs. George is a Great Dane weighing in at 131 lbs. This partnership further illustrates the genuinely life changing influence that dogs can have in people’s lives.

Bella was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome when she was 2 1/2. A rare genetic disease that attacks the bones, there is no cure.

Before George, Bella couldn’t walk on her own, she relied on crutches or a wheelchair but that all changed because Bella met George at the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Since getting George, Bella has put away her crutches. He helps her get from class to class on her own.

See their amazing partnership in action and hear how this little girl speaks about George’s impact on her young life:

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