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This Dog Walks 4 Miles In To Town Every Day – How Does His Daily Routine Make You Feel?


The lumbering figure comes into view shortly after sunrise. His pace is steady, his resolve determined on his four mile walk up Highway 84.

Bruno, a wandering, wooly, wolf of a dog, is on his way to town.

“It’s just been his routine as far back as I know,” says Sharon Rouse, who watches Bruno’s arrivals from the picture window of the Hansen Realty office, where she works the reception desk.

“Everybody knows Bruno,” Rouse laughs, “may not know the people, but you’ll know Bruno.”

For most of the past 12 years, Bruno has been taking a daily walk of nearly four miles to Longville, making his rounds around town, then heading back home to his owners, Larry and Debbie LaVallee.

How Do You Feel About This Story?

Do you find Bruno’s story a heart-warming tale of a dog with independence living amongst people who care for him or does it make you sad, anxious and nervous seeing a dog walking on busy roads essentially living like a stray, albeit a well fed one?

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