These 5 Dogs Can’t Get Enough of Their Favourite TV Shows

If you were to rank your dog’s favourite things, what would they be? For K9 Magazine’s own Christopher, he loves watching TV with cricket being his favourite ‘show’ so far, and apparently he’s not alone.

A study published in the journal, ‘Animal Cognition’, found that dogs observe images on TV just like humans do, and unsurprisingly they can identify the images of other dogs. In fact, some who took part in the study completely ignored humans in adverts, and barked solely at their fellow canines.

The research also revealed that dogs spot images faster than we do, which might account for Christopher’s love of cricket, and in fact football, with the fast pace and his interest in the moving ball.

Here are five dogs who love nothing more than curling up on the sofa – or parking themselves right in front of the TV (who else really needed to see it anyway) – to get a fix of their favourite show.

Scrabbles loves the rabbit show.

Scrabble watching rabbits on tv - photo credit Dwilliams851

Photo Credit: Dwilliams851

We know one dog who will be watching the Madrid Masters, Georges can’t get enough!

Molly refuses to be parted from her ‘Air Buddies’.

Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ can bring a tear to anyone’s eye, including this Chug.

However, Ziggy didn’t quite understand. He’d rather be on the telly than idly standing by watching!

Ziggy on the telly - photo credit Brad Frost

Photo Credit: Brad Frost


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