These 12 Dogs Love Halloween, Probably More Than You Do

Every year we see more and more photos, gifs and videos appearing online of pets joining in with their owners Halloween celebrations. So this year, whether to give inspiration to those looking for ideas for their pets or just for a giggle, we’ve compiled some of the best dressed pets celebrating Halloween.

1. A classy lady.


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2. One pup (dressed as Batman) and his pumpkin.


3. Three puppy heads better than one.

One head better than three

4. A lion walks into a bar with a canine dinosaur (we think?)…

5. This dog has his own snack system. Clever.

hot dog stand

6. A new type of ‘devil dog’. Meet Watson Charles.

devil dog - watsons dogumentary

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7. Darth vadar, an oldie but a goodie.

Darth Vadar dog

8. No headline needed, just play the gif.

9. Give your dog his own phone, guess what happens.

dog gets own phone

10. Duck Dynasty goes to the dogs.

duck dynasty dog

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11. Spider dog, spider dog, does whatever a Spider dog does.

spider dog

12. The elephant dog. We love Roo.

elephant dog

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