Scooby Doo Revealed as UK’s Favourite On-Screen Dog

A new poll out today has revealed that Scooby Doo is the UK’s favourite on-screen dog. The longest running cartoon dog on TV, it’s perhaps no surprise he came out ahead of other canine favourites including  Family Guy’s Brian Griffin and Santa’s Little Helper, the family dog in The Simpsons.

Scooby Doo Revealed as UK's Favourite On-Screen Dog 1

The poll was carried out by life insurance provider Beagle Street to celebrate the arrival of ‘Jeremy’, the talking dog who stars in its new TV advert and as part of the talking beagle’s debut, dog owners around the country are being offered to chance to make £100 by changing their own pet’s name to ‘Jeremy’.

Ten owners who agree to change their dog’s name using the hashtag #Jeremy on Twitter ( will be sent a £100 cash payment in return for wearing a ‘Jeremy’ labelled collar for the rest of the month.

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