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If you would like to advertise in K9 Magazine or online via our network of pet websites, please review which type of advertising package will best suit your needs.

“For several years now we have helped our clients raise their profile and enjoy an intimate level of communication with our loyal, dog loving readers. Now we want to take this relationship further by enabling our clients to – quite literally – TALK directly to our readers and beyond.” ~ Kim Bruce, senior account manager.

Brand: K9 Magazine

Media: Magazine (2nd generation digital, fully interactive)

Read By: Min of 105,000 dog owners per issue

Frequency: Monthly

Advertising Price Range: (UK Edition from £195) (USA Edition from $315)

Advertising Options: Various, please see media pack below

Click here for K9 Magazine (UK) Media Pack

or click the image below to download printable (UK) Media Pack
K9 Magazine Media Pack

Click here for K9 Magazine (USA) Media Pack

or click the image below to download printable (UK) Media Pack
K9 Magazine Media Pack

As part of the all-new K9 Magazine advertising experience we can now arrange for a professional videographer to come to your business and create a stunning TV-style promotional video for your business.

We can offer you our video promotion package at the fabulously low price of just £1,200.

For this fee:

We will shoot and edit a 2 minute internet video for you

Our video clips can play on your website to promote you, your products and your
services. Adding the video to your own site takes less than 60 seconds, you don’t
need to be a programmer, a computer expert – in fact we can even do it for you!

So, what do these videos look like?
Have a look for yourself:

Your video will also be positioned on the K9 Magazine website and for a small fee
we can even add your video to social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube
and more – think about the huge audience your video can be promoted to!

Videos are proven to help engage visitors on your site, and to deliver
the messages you really want to get across. They add that human touch, and
help you appear to be more real and more honest.

Video on your website helps you to climb the search engine rankings. Placing
your video on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, and Vimeo, and
on business directories and listings that are increasingly supporting video can
help drive a new audience to your own website and your company.

Online video is where the future lies for smart companies who wish to promote their
business and services to a huge audience for a minimal outlay.

In the not too distant past, to have just a 30 second TV-style advert created would
have cost you ££££thousands

Now, thanks to an exclusive K9 Magazine partnership  you can have the video created, published and promoted for just £1,200.

What you get
We will shoot and edit a 2 minute internet video clip for you,
the final video will be delivered in a professional video player
The video will be produced to the highest professional
standards on broadcast equipment.

You get a great online video clip.

Our service includes:
• Initial telephone consultancy with your cameraman
• 2 hour shoot at your location
• A cameraman
• HDV camera, tripod, radio microphone
• Edited 1 /12 minute video
• Inserting Titles & Logos (which you provide)
• Music (we will source this for you)
• One pass for re-edit

How do I pay?
You pay a deposit of £600 + VAT when you book your shoot. You pay the final £600 +
VAT once you have approved your edited video.

Please note: We ONLY offer this service to K9 Magazine advertisers as part of a cross-platform
business marketing service. The video, however, is yours to keep and use however you wish for as
long as you choose (whether you remain a K9 Magazine advertiser or not)

I have a video camera, couldn’t I just make my own videos?
Yes. But unless you have professional camera and sound equipment, someone who really
knows how to shoot, and someone who can tell your story efficiently in 90 seconds,
how good is the video likely to be? What would a poorly made video say about you?
Doing video poorly is one of the biggest mistakes a business can make when it comes
to projecting a professional image. Not doing video at all though, is an even BIGGER mistake!

What happens on the shoot?
You will already have outlined your ideas on our booking form and spoken to your
cameraman on the telephone prior to the shoot. He will ask to be shown around the
location, give you some guidance for your interview, and then start shooting according to
your outline, and making suggestions of his own.

Can I have 2 x 45” clips, or other multiples that make up 90”?
Yes, any combination of edited content that makes up 90” is fine.

Can I have my own logo and contact details in the video?
Yes. We will insert any logo, titles or text information you want. Remember though, that
the video is likely to be appearing on a page where this information is readily available.
It’s up to you.

What about choosing music?
Our video production partner is licensed to use Audio Network music for your video clip.
We would normally choose for you, but if you prefer, you can visit Audio Networks to choose a track for

How long will it take?
We will deliver your film to you within one month of your order, although it could be (and usually is)
much quicker. If your requirement is urgent, please let us know and we will do what we can.

Can I make changes to the edit?
Yes. We will edit the video according to your brief, upload the film for you to view online,
and give you the opportunity to suggest changes. We cannot re-edit indefinitely, so you
must be sure to give us all of your recommended changes at this stage.

What about copyright?
You are free to use your video however you wish, add it to DVDs, your own website, Youtube
put a link to it in your email signature, use it as an electronic business card
– there are literally thousands of ways you can use it.

How do I get my video into my website?
We supply a small amount of HTML code with the video to enable you or your web designer
to place the video onto your website, your blog and for digital press releases.

How do I put the video onto other networking sites & online directories?
The video is also supplied as a Quicktime file. This can be used to place the video on other
websites. If you are unsure, don’t worry. We can advise you how to make the best use of your
video and for a small fee, we can even publish it for you.

Our Guarantee
If you are not entirely satisfied with the video we produce for you, we will refund your
money. It’s as simple as that.

OK, I like what I see and want to promote my business by video
Great decision. Please contact us today and we’ll tell you all you need to know
to get going with professional, high quality video advertising.

I want to advertise but not with videos
No problem. We do, of course, offer a full range of advertising options.
Please contact us and let us know what your company objectives are
and we’ll be delighted to provide you with a tailored proposal, no matter
how large or small your budget.