OrganiPets Organic Dog Treats

Organic, hypoallergenic, all-natural – not just buzz words any more.

Today’s dog owner insists that their pet’s health is given top priority when it comes to diet and nutrition. Coupled with the pleasure of treating our dogs for the good things they do, selecting a high quality dog treat comes with greater consideration than simply offering a high calorie, nutritionally deficient snack.

More and more dog owners are aware of the link between proper nutrition and behaviour, so OrganiPets Organic Dog Treats are a highly recommended way to provide dogs with small rewards that can work in conjunction with a healthy canine lifestyle.

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Manufacturer’s Description

OrganiPets offers a range of award-winning Organic Complete Pet Foods for dogs and cats made with human-grade, free range organic chicken. OrganiPets is hypoallergenic as it include no artificial colours, preservatives or additives and no wheat and most importantly no soya.

All our packaging is recyclable and we source our ingredients as locally as possible to support local farmers. We are accredited by The Ethical Company, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and approved by The Campaign for Real Pet Food.

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OrganiPets Organic Dog Treats

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