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31 Days to a Better Dog is NOT a Dog Training System

31 Days to a Better Dog

31 Days to a Better Dog is NOT a dog training system.

I can’t stress this enough. So I should say it again:

31 Days to a Better Dog is NOT a dog training system.

31 Days to a Better Dog

31 Days to a Better Dog IS:

  • A brand NEW way to help you achieve MORE from your relationship with your dog
  • A better way to communicate with your best friend
  • A simple, easy to follow PROVEN way to learn more about what makes your dog tick
  • A way to discover the BEST (not fastest, not quickest, but BEST) canine techniques

It’s not a training system. It is way, way, way more than that.

It’s a way of life.

The techniques, tips and tools contained in this programme are the result of more than 120,000 hours of real, practical experience from both dog experts and ordinary dog owners who happened to discover some amazingly effective solutions to common dog problems….

Common Dog Problems

But my dog doesn’t have any problems?

My best friend put herself in this category until very recently. In fact, she felt sh had an almost perfect dog. Then some things started to change:

  1. Her normally beautifully behaved dog started to become really aggressive to other dogs
  2. Her normally mild mannered dog started to refuse to come back when she called her
  3. Her normally attentive dog — literally —- started to just completely ignore her
  4. Her normally bright eyed, energetic dog started to go lame after just a short walk

These things crept up on her and she started to wonder if she could have avoided them.

I know she could have.

Dog ownership, more to the point, GOOD dog ownership isn’t about fixing problems; it’s all about avoiding them in the first place!

Will this programme reveal some secrets that professional dog experts tend to keep to themselves?

Yes, it will. Because many professional dog experts have actually contributed to the programme.

And that is REALLY important. This isn’t ‘a system’ comprised of the singular, one-dimensional viewpoint of a single trainer. 31 Days to a Better Dog has advice and direction from many trainers. In fact, when contributing to

Lets have a look at some of the BASICS that this system delivers:

Principal 1: Punishing a dog is a massive error. It’s not about ethics or even about personality, it’s about facts

Principal 2: House training, you think it’s a basic, right? Wrong! House training a puppy is VERY different to house training an older dog who’s suddenly got bladder problems. You NEED to know THE best methods to deal with bot.

Principal 3: Hardwiring; You know your dog is hardwired to do certain things and respond in certain ways to certain triggers. But are you making the most of this in-built mechanism? How would you like to have a dog that obeyed EVERY command, EVERY time, WITHOUT exception and who LOVES doing it?

Principal 4: 10 minutes a day. It’s all you need. Please, let me explain more…

Are You Interested in Having a Happier, Healthier Dog?

You got this far. You read to this point and you must be keen to ensure your relationship with your dog is as rewarding as it could ever be.

It’s unthinkable to go through life with an animal that devotes SO much time to us and our needs and to be left wondering whether – just 10 minutes a day – could have made the WORLD of difference to them. Sadly, many owners do let their dogs down. It’s true. In fact, hundreds of thousands of dogs don’t even have an owner any more as a result of mistakes that were made resulting in the dog ending up in a shelter somewhere.

I’m not here to preach. I’m here to help you get the MOST from your dog and, if I’m totally honest, help you to help your dog get the most from YOU!!

You will be blown away with some of the info we’re sitting on. And it’s info we want you to have.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover…

* The silly mistake MOST dog owners make, time after time after time

* The primary reason why dogs do the things they do (the secret)

* The tried and trusted methods that make for happier, healthier dogs

10 minutes per day. There is nothing in 31 Days to a Better Dog that can not be accomplished in just 10 minutes per day.

To date, we have released just ONE section of the 31 Days programme. We let 1,002 dog owners (from more than 20 countries) implement some of the purely training-based tips over the past 4 years.

These are tips that touch on:-

  1. Obedience
  2. Puppy stuff
  3. Relationship building
  4. Aggression and dominance
  5. Recall
  6. Travel
  7. Fear and nerves

We let these people sample this one, small portion of the 31 Days to a Better Dog system. We DID charge them for it but with one promise; if they felt the advice wasn’t worth the money, they were to alert us as a matter of priority so we could take their feedback and fix any problems with the programme (and get ALL of their money back, of course!)

How many people asked for their money back?




1,002 people, no refunds.

We’re now at the stage where we fully believe we have developed the best, most relevant, hand-picked, easily followed dog advice that has EVER been made available for public consumption.

We DO intend to charge for it. Fair to say, we intend to charge what we believe it to be worth. And what we believe it to be worth is the sum of

  • Countless dog training DVDs
  • Hours and hours of professional one on one dog training advice
  • A library full of dog training books
  • The practical experience of thousands of owners
  • More than 1 million words of dog related essays and advice articles (dont’ worry, 31 Days to a Better Dog doesn’t contain a million words for you to work through!! We picked out the most effective content on your behalf)
  • The tried and tested methods of the top dog experts of the modern age AND the old fashioned gurus
  • More than 120,000 hours of combined expert input

Just what should we charge for more than 1m words of essay reading, sifting through the views of experts with more than 120,000 hours of practical experience and delivering the BEST bits of the most important dog books, DVDs and TV Shows to ever have been produced?

Put it this way, 31 Days to a Better Dog will NOT be sold for anything under three figures, possibly four.

It’s not a dog training system. I know I keep repeating that, but here’s why:

Dog training is something which should never be looked at as being separate or in addition to every day life with a dog. Dogs are always learning, therefore they’re always being trained: whether you know it, like it or even want it!

Our system has dog training advice, tips and some real gems that can fix problems. But it goes beyond that.

Ignore dog diet, lifestyle and all round health at your peril!

We have as many tips on health as we do on training.

It’s – literally – life changing in most parts, life saving and life prolonging in others.

And —best of all— it’s 100%, cast-iron guaranteed!

How many dog experts offer to give you a full refund if their advice doesn’t do what you want or need it to?

Well, we dol.

But before we even carry on, let’s get one thing in the open:
We’re not going to ask you to pay for 31 Days to a Better Dog.
We’re prepared to give it to you.

The 31 Days to a Better Dog is a code by which you can live your life as a dog owner:

You want to achieve some basic improvements in your dog?

You will.

You want to achieve some dramatic changes in your dog?

You can.

You want to use the system to simply become a better dog owner?


  • You will accomplish things with your dog that you never thought possible
  • You will know more about YOUR dog
  • You will be able to pass your knowledge on to other dog owners, experienced and novice alike.

Let’s take a look at some of the things 31 Days to a Better Dog covers:-

Your dog barks when you don’t want him to?

We’ll get that fixed, no problem.

Your dog chases and doesn’t come back?

Hey, most of them do! But we’ll sort that out for you.

You want to know how to get that super-keen obedience response?

10 minutes per day using the RIGHT triggers and you’ll see what can happen.

How about…..

  • Better heel walking (on and off leash)
  • Better manners when out in public and around other dogs
  • Better communication between you and your dog
  • Better attentiveness to you and your commands
  • Better methods to fix problems
  • Better methods to AVOID problems
  • Better diet
  • Better fitness
  • Better health
  • Better teeth
  • Better immune system
  • Better knowledge on which pet products to use (and which to avoid!)

Your dog would like you to be their master. Please understand that this is not about dominance or pack or rank or any of that, this is simply about your dog being BETTER OFF if you understand him/her more and have a deep insight in to what makes him tick, what makes him happy and what makes him want to please you.

You can master dogs for the rest of your life.

You can sit down and watch one hundred hours of TV dog training shows and, whilst you might be entertained, you will NOT be a better dog owner in comparison to what you will be after you’ve absorbed the 31 Days to a Better Dog methods. Less time stressing, worrying or – even more dangerous – not EVEN knowing there’s an impending problem, and more time enjoying your happy, well behaved, contented dog.

31 Days to a Better Dog is to be officially launched and made available for sale at the start of 2010.

It’s launch will be covered in the media extensively (keep an eye out for it at the turn of the year).

It will be talked about and it will be the buzz amongst all the dog owners who’ll be keen to tell you about ‘their secret’. But you’ll actually have one of your own when you quietly let them know how you got a hold of the programme before it was officially launched as one of the invited group of dog owners to sample it. Whether you choose to let them know you didn’t even pay for it depends entirely on how much satisfaction you would get from such a comment 🙂

Why would we give it to you, for nothing?


The same reason we sampled the small teaser portion with the 1,002 dog owners I mentioned earlier. That roll out period enabled us to develop the system to the point that we felt the feedback was worth thousands £$£$£$’s to us.

We WANT your feedback.

What I’m about to say now might very well seem far fetched and a little hard to digest, but it’s 100% true and supported by hard data and meticulous record keeping:

We have spent 10 years developing this programme. When we come to retail it, we need to recoup our investment and that investment is a lot of money! So allowing a small sample of people to test the product before the official launch is something we have budgeted.

I don’t know you. And I don’t know your dog or dog ownership experience.

This is really important. This means that the first group of dog owners who sample 31 Days to a Better Dog will be random, of different ages, different backgrounds, from different countries, different dog ownership experience and owners of different types of dogs.

Our belief is that this programme will work for you, regardless of who you are and what your dog is and how long you’ve been a dog owner.

Our pledge is really simple:

31 Days to a Better Dog makes you a better dog owner, for the rest of your life.

Can you put a price on that?

Imagine if I could give you a stock market tip which was GUARANTEED to make you a return month after month, year after year and for the rest of your life, would you want it? Would you pay for it?

31 Days to a Better Dog is THAT good. It stays with you, it becomes a way of life and it does it with just 10 minutes per day and all within a single calendar month.

Our pre-launch offer is 100% exclusive to K9 Magazine.

You might be tempted to find this offer elsewhere. You won’t.

You might be tempted to find a pirated version. You won’t (we’ve taken care of that).

You might be tempted to wait until 2010 to see how much it sells for and if all the hype is worth it. You are more than welcome to, but the simple fact is – you’ll be paying three figures for a product you could have got for free.

The offer is very simple. No catches, no hidden clauses and no strings.

We’re releasing the pre-launch sampler *full edition of 31 Days to a Better Dog* through K9 Magazine because K9 Magazine is the leading dog magazine in terms of attracting the sort of dog owners who will be able to benefit most from this system. Dog owners who are smart, keen and want to learn. Dog owners who want to be better, for them and for their dogs.

So the deal/package is as straightforward as this:

You subscribe to K9 Magazine before December 2009 and you will get the 31 Days to a Better Dog programme without charge.

Come January 2010, when the demand for this programme is going to be at fever pitch, you’ll be able to smile because yours cost you nothing!

The K9 Magazine subscription itself is an unbelievably good offer. There is NOT, absolutely is NOT a better dog magazine subscription/membership package that comes anywhere near the K9 Magazine package.

You get way, way too much to list here, but you can see for yourself by following the links below.

Before you do that, remember; If you subscribe to K9 Magazine before December 2009, you get 31 Days to a Better Dog without charge.

Finally, I’ll keep this short and very sweet because it’s the clincher:

If you subscribe to K9 Magazine and decide you do NOT like it or decide for whatever reason that the K9 Magazine Premier Membership package is not for you, you simply get in touch with K9 Magazine, ask for a refund and you WILL be given your money back, 100% guaranteed and……

… WILL STILL receive 31 Days to a Better Dog.

Yes, even if you decide you do not want to be a K9 Magazine Premier member, you will still receive your 31 Days to a Better Dog. Guaranteed.

So, as I’m sure you’ll agree, this is not your average money back guarantee. It is, in fact, a BONUS guarantee!!

Becoming a member is instant and you will be able to sign up in less than 100 seconds, safely and securely:

It’s impossible for us to put a price on the information and invaluable advice contained within 31 Days to a Better Dog – so we’re going to need you to help us. In order for that to happen, we need to let you have the book for free. Your feedback will prove vital for us.

One last thing, before you purchase:

If I can make one further guarantee, to convince you that you are about to make the smartest move in your dog’s life;

Your K9 Magazine membership and your acquisition of 31 Days to a Better Dog will  improve your dog ownership experience to such an extent that we hope you will be delighted enough to give us a personal testimonial and send us report about how you and your dog have benefited from the package. We’d love to include such success stories in K9 Magazine and online, if you’ll let us!

You’ll be delighted with your membership and you’ll be even more thrilled when you get your 31 Days to a Better Dog when the rest of the world is paying THREE figures for it!

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