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The Lifestyle Magazine for Modern Dog Lovers

K9 Magazine, the world’s leading lifestyle magazine for modern dog lovers.

It’s the magazine of choice for dog lovers who…

  • are fiercely passionate about the health of their beloved friend
  • enjoy being entertained and share a sense of fun
  • love to learn but refuse to be preached to
  • are happy to take advice from the world’s top canine experts
  • like to save money on pet products and services
  • don’t want to let any new dog related news pass them by
  • are keen to read independent reviews of the latest dog products
  • are keen to take advantage of discounts on dog food, toys, services & more

Since K9 Magazine was launched in August 2001 it has grown to be a respected and often talked about publication.

Regularly featured on television and in the national press due to the new and challenging way in which the magazine tackles various dog and owner issues – K9 Magazine is the magazine of choice for modern, forward thinking dog owners.

This magazine is not a dog ownership/instruction manual or a publication designed to appeal to people who’s only interest in dogs is how to make money from them. It is for true dog lovers, ordinary dog lovers, caring dog lovers, today’s dog lovers.

K9 Magazine is for people who are passionate about their pets but who like to be entertained, informed and advised in an intelligent, thought-provoking style.

“If you subscribe to K9 Magazine you will be a better dog owner”

“If you subscribe to K9 Magazine you will be a more informed dog owner”

You will be able to apply techniques learned from the magazine that will improve your dog’s health, behaviour, diet and lifestyle which, in turn, will make your relationship with your dog even better than it is now. It’s a promise that money can’t buy. But in this case, you don’t even need to take any risk in order to find out if we’re true to our word.

You can try K9 Magazine completely risk free for as long as you like,

if you don’t agree with us that it is by far the best investment you can make in your dog’s life, we’ll give you your money back. No quibbles, no questions, no small print.

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