Meet The Dogs Working to Protect Everyone’s Safety at Royal Wedding

As Britain gets ready for a royal wedding this weekend as Prince Harry gets married to Meghan Markle (19th May, 2018) – let’s meet the team of dogs who are working to ensure the big event passes without a hitch…well, an unwanted hitch at least! There will be absolutely no prizes on offer to guess the breed of dogs leading the sniffer dog task force.

The Power of The Sniffer

Dogs experience the world in a very different way than people do. Sure, they have the same five senses, but while we first take in sights and sounds, dogs largely rely on their amazing sense of smell. Dogs can out smell, out hear, and in some situations out see us humans.

A dog’s nose contains over two billion olfactory receptors compared to our weak-in-comparison forty million. Dogs use smell to take in most of the information that they receive from the world, it’s their first method of identifying the things around them. They smell other dogs, prospective items of food and people. Another dog’s scent can give off a wealth of information about his state of mind, energy level and readiness to mate. Dogs likewise leave their own scents in various places as a sort of calling card for others. To be comfortable in any given environment, a dog needs to thoroughly smell his surroundings.

Sniffer detection dogs therefore have been harnessed to help humans with a wide variety of difficult tasks, from fire detection to helping in the search to uncover dead bodies.

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