Loved Up Couple Stacey Solomon & Steve-O Meet Rescue Dog, Lacy

Those of you who watched ITV’s ‘The Paul O’Grady show’ this week will have seen The Mayhew Animal Home’s Lacy meet the singer on the show in a bid to find the gentle giant a home.

Stacey, whose latest album #Shy is out now, hit it off with laid back five-year old Lacy, who ended up at the rescue centre in North West London, after being found abandoned on the streets. The dog, who’s an English Mastiff cross Boxer, weighs around 55 kg, or nine and a half stone, is house-trained and incredibly gentle and well behaved. She can be rehomed with other dogs and children over 12.

Paul O’ Grady, who is passionate about animals and has five dogs of his own, said: “Lacy is calm and gentle and needs a home. All the dogs on the show may not be aesthetically pleasing but they’re all gorgeous in their own way.”

Stacey added: “If my children were over 12 she’d be coming back in the car with me now. She’s a lovely dog who’s been overlooked because of her size. “

Stacey’s partner, Jackass prankster Steve-O, last seen on Channel 5’s ‘The Jump’ where the couple met, was also extremely taken with Lacy and smothered her with cuddles.

Steve O and Lacey Photo credit - Bonnie Baker (LR)

Photo Credit: Bonnie Baker

Steve-O said: “I love rescue dogs, I have two of my own. I really hope she finds a home. She’s such a great dog despite her size.”

Lacy is currently in foster care with Tony Kay who said: “She’s the best dog I’ve ever fostered. I would take her myself but I can’t commit right now. I really hope someone sees her on the Paul O’Grady show and gives her a second chance home which she really deserves.”

To find out more about Lacy, please contact The Mayhew Animal Home on 020 8969 0178 or read more online here, where The Mayhew Animal Home have featured Lacy on the UK’s largest dog adoption site,

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