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K9 Magazine

K9 Magazine is the lifestyle magazine for modern dog lovers. Some may say if dogs could read, they’d read K9 Magazine (but we couldn’t possibly comment on that :)).

So what do you get with K9 Magazine?

Dogs. They’re so much more than four-legged house guests. They’re family. They’re treated as family. They live as family. They mean the world to their owners. K9 Magazine understands this. K9 Magazine is the only lifestyle magazine for modern dog lovers that really, truly understands what dog owners want – from their dog, from us.

The very best lifestyle articles on dog ownership
The very best professionally written dog advice
The very best pet product reviews & promotions

The very latest dog news, advice, features and information means K9 Magazine readers are better informed.

K9 Magazine readers are loyal and they *REALLY* love K9 Magazine.

9 out of every 10 K9 Magazine readers say that the magazine has significantly enhanced their dog ownership skill-set.

97.6% of K9 Magazine readers say they have passed on something they read in K9 Magazine to a dog loving friend or family member.

Our readers are our knowing and trusted friends. This is what some of them have to say about K9 Magazine…

“K9 Mag is the only mag I subscribe to as I want to make sure I do not miss a copy. Such a variety of topics written in the ‘real’ world by ‘real’ people who are very clued up. Well written with a shot of humour where appropriate- this mag is the best Lifestyle mag around.” ~ Julie (source:

“This magazine is always informative and well written. Whilst it shies away from some of the more mundane features of a ‘dog’ magazine it concentrates more on the realities of dog ownership and has a lot to offer anyone with even the remotest interest in dogs. An excellent cover to cover read.” ~ Keith (source:

“I absolutely adore K9 Magazine. I know it sounds silly, but I get so excited when the new issue comes out. It has helped me so much!” ~ Sally.

“I rarely get the opportunity to stop and actually read a magazine, but I make an exception with K9 Magazine. I don’t usually do reviews either but I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the magazine. Big congratulations. ~ Alex.

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