Is Your Dog Scratching? It Could Be Fleas, a Pet Expert Says

As the weather heats up, pet owners are being reminded to be flea and tick aware.

Although parasites, such as fleas and ticks, are found all year round, because the hot weather and humidity speed up their life cycle, Spring and Summer can increase the risks of infestation to your dog and your home.

Here are three top tips to help prevent a flea infestation in the home.

Is Your Dog Scratching? It Could Be Fleas, a Pet Expert Says 1

Wash your dog’s bedding & toys

If your dog has fleas, the chances are your dog will have shed flea eggs around your home.

Wash your dog’s bedding and soft toys on a hot wash to get rid of any eggs which may have fallen off your pet and be lurking in their fibres.

Make sure you keep your pet’s preventative treatment up to date

Home infestations can occur regardless of how clean your home is. The warm weather creates the perfect condition for fleas to breed and so during the warmer months they thrive.

This is why if your dog has fleas, it is crucial that you treat both your dog and home with a good flea treatment for dogs. Treating one without the other will pull you into a flea cycle, one which could be hard to navigate out of so make sure you treat your dog for fleas regularly.

Is Your Dog Scratching? It Could Be Fleas, a Pet Expert Says 2

Don’t let crevices and dark corners go untouched

Fleas love dark places to hide in and if you have wooden or hard floors, your skirting boards could be proving the perfect flea hiding spot.

Brush and mop all around your hard floors, paying specific attention to corners, crevices and underneath furniture to help eliminate anything lurking in the shadows!

If your dog does have fleas, don’t be disheartened – if you follow our 3-step guide you can get your dog and home out of the flea cycle.

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