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Have You Heard About the Bat Dogs Upstaging Baseball Giants, Like A-Rod?

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Trenton, New Jersey is home to the minor baseball league team, Trenton Thunder. This team is not only known for its affiliation to the giants of the sport, the New York Yankees, but it’s also known for its family of ‘bat dogs’ who work alongside the team retrieving bats and balls before returning them to the Thunder dugout at home games.

Here’s A-Rod having fun with one of the team’s mascots during his 2013¬†¬†rehab assignment with the club.

And again this week:

Photo Credit:

The dynasty of bat dogs began with a special boy named Chase, also known as ‘That Golden Thunder’ who served with the team for around 13 years before retiring in July 2013.

Chase, pictured above, at his retirement ceremony three days before he passed away

His successor was his son named ‘Home Run Derby’, or Derby for short, and named by the fans, showing just how much affection fans have for their four-legged team members.

Derby is now joined by his son, Rookie, on the field at home games.

Watch Derby and the latest recruit, Rookie in action:

How cool! This team and its fans really do go all out to celebrate their canine teammates – and we love it!

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