Dramatic Rescue at Sea for Dalmatian Who Survived 100ft Cliff Fall

A Dalmatian named has been saved at sea by lifeboat volunteers in St Agnes after falling from a 100ft cliff in Cornwall.

Photo Credit: Tom Kay

The dog, named Cara, survived the fall but became trapped on the cliff edge and had to be rescued by boat after she was spotted by the captain of a volunteer watch run by the local Surf Lifesaving Club.

Captain of the club Joel Henthorn was first on scene and reported that Cara was quite distressed running around the bottom of the cliffs.

Photo Credit: Tom Kay

Cara escaped the incident with only a slight injury and RNLI St Agnes captured the moment she leapt out of the lifeboat when they reached the beach – and into the arms of her owners!

Photo Credit: Tom Kay

Speaking to CornwallLive, Mr Forehead of St Agnes RNLI said: “The St Agnes Surf Lifesaving Club is currently doing a great volunteer watch scheme. It’s taking place over the Easter break and means that volunteers are on patrol and keeping a look out when the RNLI Lifeguards aren’t there.”



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