Dogs at Polling Stations – In 2015 it Became a ‘Thing’

It began as a question, ‘are dogs allowed at polling stations?’ and quickly became a top trending term on Twitter on 7th May, so while we await the outcome of today’s election, here are some of the best photos of dogs who visited polling stations across the UK.

1. The dog who showed up, in style and on-trend in tweed.

Scooby Doo dog voting

Photo Credit: Twitter/LilyBaileyUK

2. The dog who looks like he’d like to vote then get ‘Otto’ there.

Otto dog voting

Photo Credit: Twitter/Edingtonsltd

3. The trio of dogs who came, saw and conquered the polling station.

Trio dogs polling station

Photo Credit: Twitter/StumpedMonkey

4. Have directions, will vote.

Dog in front of sign voting

Photo Credit: Twitter/DennisSkinner

5. This little detective Agatha Christie surely knows the outcome after casting her vote.

Agatha Christie dog voting poll

Photo Credit: Twitter/SaskiaODonoghue

6. It’s a Pug’s life.

Pug wants to vote

Photo Credit: Twitter/thalestral

7. The dog who opted for the quiet life and chose to vote by post.

Dog postal vote

Photo Credit: Twitter/BBCPaulMurphy


If you took your dog to a polling station, share your photos and experiences with us – we’d love to hear from you!

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