Dog Wall of Shame

Be honest, as you look through these do you recognise things your own dogs have done? I do. In fact, when Chloe was younger she used to wreck our post. And the bin, I keep it for posterity but it has no lid and is chewed all the way around the rim. And in fact anything she could, with a butter wouldn’t melt look on her face. Mia ruined a shoe as a puppy (luckily not mine) and had a chew on the sofa, but that was it really.

These dogs below are infamous for their naughtiness, they will bring a smile to your face – enjoy 🙂

Bulldog bacon wall hunter

dog ball stealer
dog bark alarm off shame

dog basement wrecker

dog door chewer

dog eats lego

dog cat shame dog pool destroyer

dog potato hider

dog shame help

dog shoe eater shame

dog steals food

Gus wall eater

JRT stole ice cream

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