More Pets Stolen in UK Than Ever Before

A two-year investigation by The Mirror has revealed that dog thefts have risen by 20% in the UK. The newspaper has revealed their inquiry found that more than 2,400 dogs have been stolen in the last two years with the illegal activity worth an estimated £100,000 to gangs.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers, which often get a bad rep from the media, are by far the most targeted dog breed, which could worryingly be tied to a rise in dog fighting reports.

staffordshire bull terrier photo

Photo Credit: starsandspirals More Pets Stolen in UK Than Ever Before 1

Speaking to the newspaper, Sylvia Tabor, chairman of the Dog Theft Action charity, said: “For thieves, the rewards can be high and the risks low. So it’s sadly seen as easy money. In law, dogs are classed as property like a TV, so sentences are low for taking a living creature away from its family. Unfortunately, it can also often be seen as a low priority by police.”

If you’re worried your dog could be targeted, read K9 Magazine’s guide to keeping your dog safe:





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