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Dog Owners Returning from Europe With Pets Warned to Remain Vigilant Over Eye Worm Infection

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As pet travel becomes easier, more dog owners have taken to visiting their favourite European sites with their dogs by their sides, however experts are warning this could also make the transmission of diseases and parasites much easier.

The parasite currently causing concern is the Thelazia callipaeda and is the most common cause of an eye worm infestation in dogs, cats and humans, which can cause blindness.

The parasite has been described by vets as a ‘significant threat to the UK canine population’, with three cases recently being confirmed in the UK after the dogs returned from Europe.

Not all dogs display symptoms, of which the most common are conjunctivitis, pain and discomfort and excessive tears, but those who think their dog may have symptoms and have recently returned from holidaying overseas should seek immediate veterinary treatment.

It is currently regularly found in popular holiday spots with Brits, including Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Croatia and Greece.





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