7 Days, 7 Dogs – You’ll Laugh (Promise!)

At K9 Magazine we’re often told one of the best things about owning a dog is the reaction they give you when you walk in door. It doesn’t matter what sort of a day you’ve had, your dog is always happy to see you.

The facial expressions, wagging tails and general all-round happiness is something that’s made the dog into an icon of the web – we’re talking memes of course.

Anthropomorphic it may be, but here’s a fun way to spend 5 minutes with our round up of a dog meme for every day of the week.

Monday’s dog is…


Tuesday’s dog says…


Wednesday’s dog is getting excited it’s the middle of the week…



Thursday’s dog is full of optimism…


Friday’s dog says…


Saturday’s dog says…


Sunday’s dog knows what day tomorrow is…


Enjoy your week 🙂

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