Dog Birthday Cake

A massive industry has grown up in the provision of products and services enabling pet owners to celebrate notable dates such as Christmas and pet birthdays. Why? Well, unless our pets have suddenly developed a penchant for being precious about numbers on a calendar, this is a purely human indulgence. And why not! After all, part of the very real joy of owning a dog is seeing them enjoy themselves. It brings a smile to our face and we do it because we regard our little friends as part of the family.

What better way to create that ‘Kodak moment’ than giving our dog a cake on the anniversary of the day of their birth!

Dog Birthday Cake 1

Manufacturer’s Description

A handmade Giant Bark-day Pupcake from Canine Cookie Company Ltd. Choose from beef liver, chicken & herb flavour cakes. Topped with yoghurt icing. Item is wrapped in cello with gift tag, bow and ribbon.

Dog Birthday Cake 2

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