Conference Will Tackle Human Behaviour Change in Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare: The Human Element

This international conference will be the first in a field that is rapidly becoming recognized as a key component in animal welfare work. Modern practice is moving away from the traditional approach of focusing on service provision and raising awareness, towards human-centered approaches that generate lasting change.

The conference will include unique and inspirational talks from key speakers and submitted presentations and case studies selected from peer-reviewed abstracts. Abstract submissions are invited across all issues of animal welfare on any species – the focus on the human element is likely to be transferable across issues.

The aims of the conference are:

· To highlight the importance of human behaviour change (HBC) in animal welfare work.

· To educate on core elements of HBC theory through key presentations from leading experts.

· To facilitate sharing of information and experiences of HBC for animal welfare.

· To encourage embedding of HBC in inter-sectoral collaboration, innovation and policy.

· To explore novel methods for the monitoring and evaluation of HBC approaches and provide evidence-based information illustrating its value.

For more information about the elements of human behaviour change see

19–21st September 2016, Dorking Halls, Dorking, UK



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