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How to Teach Children to Avoid Dog Bites

Over 500,000 dog bites occur every year in Canada. In fact, the Humane Society of Canada estimates that someone suffers a dog bite every 60 seconds in this country. Preventing dog bites is all about education. Stacey Huneke is a…
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How to Keep Children and Dogs Safe Together

The RSPCA is encouraging parents to teach their children how to behave – and more importantly, how not to behave – around dogs. As Dog Bite Prevention Week (12 – 19 June) nears, the oldest and largest animal welfare organisation…
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7 Best Reasons to Clicker Train Your Dog

What are the main advantages to clicker training, you may ask? What actually is clicker training and are its benefits really worth the effort? Well, take a look at what can be achieved with this method by watching this incredible…
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