Can You Help? London Animal Rescue Appeals After Ambulance Stolen

Mayhew, one of the UK’s oldest animal charity’s, is appealing for help after its animal ambulance was stolen on 8th July in Hampstead, London.

Without the ambulance, the organisation is struggling to help as many injured animals in need. The charity now feels their chances for a safe return of the ambulance, which is vital to their work for transporting hundreds of sick and injured animals, is slim and so are appealing for help.

Can You Help? London Animal Rescue Appeals After Ambulance Stolen 1

Mayhew would like their new ambulance to be bigger, safer and completely electric for environmental reasons and also to help the organisation save money as a result of being exempt from various road taxes and London’s congestion charges.


Mayhew CEO, Caroline Yates, said: “Our Mayhew ambulances have been on the road helping thousands of animals since 1925. They are vital to our work and having one of them stolen is having a huge impact on the number of animals we’re able to rescue. We desperately need to raise enough funds for a replacement, so anything anyone could donate would be very much appreciated.”

If you can help, visit the charity’s JustGiving Page –      

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