14 of THE Best Dog Videos on Vine

If you’re looking for a reason to sit down and watch some funny dog videos, let us give you the perfect excuse because we’ve gathered 14 of what we think are the best dog videos on Vine!

Let us know which is your favourite…

1. The dog who loves balloons.

2. The dog who can’t get enough of the park.

3. The dog who hasn’t quite worked out how glass works.

4. The dog who’s learnt to play dead using finger guns.

5. The dog who’s learnt the ultimate in self-control.

6. The dog who’s addicted to watching dog videos.

7. The puppy who’s just learning how hiding under a blanket works.

8. The dog who can’t get enough of his tennis balls.

9. The helpful dog.

10. The dog who can’t get enough of his favourite game!

11. The dog who loves the garden hose!

12. The dog who’ll seek if you hide!

13. The odd couple.

14. The dog who loves to make an entrance.

So, which is your favourite? Let us know and if you’ve found a video you just can’t get enough of share it below – we’d love to hear from you!

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