Bahrain Stray Dogs Initiative Launched

In an effort to humanely address the problem of stray dogs in the country, the Bahrain Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) launched a Catch, Neuter, Return (CNR) program in conjunction with the London-based Dogs Trust International. The five-year campaign is expected to cost $795,000.

Starting this week, the BSPCA will conduct surveys aimed at obtaining an accurate count of stray dogs in the country. The survey will be delivered door to door and will also be available online.

The CNR project is designed to humanely stop stray dogs from breeding, so as to minimize the number of dogs being shot by police or hit by cars on the streets. The dogs will receive a health checkup, vaccinations, and be anesthetized before they are castrated. Then they will be released back to the wild to carry on their normal lives, but without being able to reproduce.

The BSPCA, currently based in Shakhura, is a charity run by volunteers which cares for the abandoned and stray animals of Bahrain.

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