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How To Avoid Inhumane Dog Collars


Choosing the right collar or harness for your dog is one of the most important buying decisions you can make as a dog owner.

Get the right one and you can be sure your dog will be easier to control and more willing to learn to walk to heel nicely with you.

Get it wrong and not only will your dog most likely be miserable, they could actually end up with serious injuries including a collapsed trachea.

In this video, Victoria Stilwell explains more.

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  1. i never liked victoria still well.
    i agree about a choke collar, but not about a pinch collar. used correctly the pinch is a one time slight jerk.
    my Doberman has one, and he is not mean, fact is, when i go to put the collar on him, he comes to me, sits and waits to have me put it on. also, he goes to a dog park and plays very nicely with the other dogs, and he likes people.
    so there you have it.

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