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Are America’s Pets Addicted to Chicken? New Research Says Yes!

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New research out this week claims America’s dogs and cats are addicted to chicken.

The research, which compared the pet food buying habits across the globe revealed that chicken is a universally popular flavour, but is the most popular flavour of food (wet and dry) and treats for both cats and dogs across America.

The US is closely followed by the UK,  but whereas American’s prefer to feed chicken across the board, Brits opt for more variety in this sector.

The research also highlighted that Spain’s lucky dogs get far greater variety, with beef and fish flavors rivaling chicken for both wet food and treats. France’s cats also do well, showing equal variety as Spain in the wet food and treats bought for them – although the ubiquitous chicken continues to dominate when it comes to selecting their cats’ dry food and their dogs’ wet and dry food.

The Czech Republic, Greece and China stand out in preferring beef flavor above all others for their dogs’ wet food.

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