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Did These Dogs Really Pose For Their Own Photos?


It’s claimed that the average dog owner takes 527 photos and selfies per year. It sounds a lot but when you think about it, it’s less than two photos a day.

Always striving to capture each and every moment we can of our time with our pets, thankful for the day we have photos to look back on in years to come reminding us of naughty habits, fun times or just the bond we had with our dogs staring back at us through the photos and not just ever-present in our hearts and minds, it’s no wonder our pets have gotten in on the ‘selfie revolution’.

Whether they’ve forced themselves in and are taking their very own selfie, photobombed yours or been there by choice, we love them all.

Here are some of the best dog selfies we’ve found…

1. The dog who mimics.

The dog who mimicks their owner

2. The sleeping beauty.

The sleeping beauty

3. The happy couple.

The happy couple

4. The dog who keeps in shape.

The dog who keeps in shape

5. The dog who couldn’t wait.

Sick dog selfie

6. The dog who’s got this handled.

Dog takes own selfie

7. The dog who was a photographer in a previous life, knows just how to get the best look.

The camera perfect dog

8. The dog who didn’t quite understand.

Dog didnt understand selfie

9. The dog who’s camera shy.

The camera shy dog

10. The dog who loves to travel, and show where they’ve been.

The arty selfie


If you’ve seen a dog selfie which has made you smile or if you have one of your own, please share them with us – we’d love to hear from you!



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