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Animal Advisory Panel

The K9 Magazine Animal Advisory Panel

What Is The K9 Magazine Animal Advisory Panel

The K9 Magazine Animal Advisory Panel is a unique pet care advice service provided by K9 Magazine in conjunction with a panel of pet professionals and animal experts.

The aim of the K9 Magazine Animal Advisory Panel (K9MAAP) is simple; to provide pet owners with the opportunity to access first hand, expert advice on any pet related subject.

The advisory panel is made up of a network of advisors including vets, behaviourists, dieticians, groomers, breed experts, legal experts, trainers, health care professionals, welfare and re-homing experts, complimentary therapists and more.

The emphasis of the K9 Magazine Animal Advisory Panel service is to match pet owners who are seeking practical advice on a problem or issue affecting their pet, with a suitably qualified expert who can provide the advice they need to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Members of the Advisory Panel are on hand and accessible to pet owners for instances when an expert opinion is required on any pet subject which is not serious enough to require urgent, professional attention. Members of the panel aim to offer their opinions and professional knowledge in conjunction with independent professional advice in order for pet owners to get a broad spectrum of advice on any issue affecting their pets.

An Example of The Panel In Action

A member’s dog may have developed an unwanted behavioural habit, unwanted or incessant barking, for instance. Although the behaviour may not be considered serious enough to require medical attention or immediate corrective therapy, the member may wish to use the K9MAAP to get the opinions of a behavioural expert who would guide them through a series of steps and suggestions with the goal of either solving the problem outright or conclude the problem as being serious enough to require hands on professional expertise.

The K9 Magazine Animal Advisory Panel service comes into its own in instances where a pet owner recognises the fact that they need advice or guidance on a particular issue affecting their pet but also acknowledge the problem may not be as serious or urgent as to require immediate, hands on professional attention.

Of the many benefits of using this innovative service is the option for pet owners to take several different opinions from a group of equally qualified pet experts as well having the freedom to return and ask for more advice as a problem lessens or intensifies, as often as required.

For the experts who serve on the K9 Magazine Animal Advisory Panel, they too have the benefit of being able to continually establish new relationships with pet owners, who have a need for their particular service and who are 100% more likely to return and use their services in a private capacity following positive experiences gained through their use of the K9 Magazine Animal Advisory Panel.

How Can I Gain Access to the Dog Experts (as a pet owner) ?

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