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A Trip to Barcelona Headed for Disaster But This Dog Showed What True Loyalty Is


After waiting for nearly an entire week outside of her owner’s hospital door, Maya, a two-year old Akita was eventually reunited with her beloved owner.

The loyal dog refused to move from her vigil, instead preferring to stay by the doorway of her sick owner’s hospital room.

The Akita Inu belongs to twenty two year old Sandra Iniesta, who was hospitalised near Alicante, Spain when she started suffering with pains in her stomach.

Maya waited outside of her hospital bed for a full 6 days before her owner was finally given the all clear to leave following treatment for what turned out to be a ruptured appendix.

Ms Iniesta and her father were on a trip to Barcelona when she fell ill, so the dog was travelling with the family at the time.

Even though Ms Iniesta’s father tried to lure the dog away with treats from her owner’s bedside vigil, Maya steadfastly refused to budge, loyally keeping a close watch on her ailing friend.

“She’s a fully paid-up member of the family,” Mr Iniesta told a local newspaper.

“I think she knows what is happening and she is showing that she can be patient,” he said.

Maya was so popular with hospital staff, they posted her photograph on their Facebook page and the story gained worldwide attention.

Ms Iniesta was surprised to learn how famous her loyal dog had become when she was finally given the all-clear to be discharged.

“She just did what she does at home in Barcelona, which is wait at the door of a place until I return,” Ms Iniesta said.

“After days of not seeing my girl Maya, the kiss and happiness at seeing me and her is priceless,” she added, in a post on Twitter.

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