8 Dogs Who Don’t Understand Their Own Size

We’ve almost all certainly experienced meeting a dog who we’ve said ‘that dog doesn’t know his actual size, does he’. We say it regularly about K9 Magazine’s Danny when he’s decided to land on your lap unexpectedly. You really do believe he’s been secretly watching an episode of WWE’s Raw, but really he’s just a small dog trapped inside a big dog’s body.

But Danny’s not the only one who doesn’t truly realise his size, here are eight other dogs who don’t understand their own size.

1. The bin dipper caught out. No escaping the evidence!


2. The garden loving canine, who just wants to help.


3. The dog who felt some DIY decor improvements were needed.

4. The dog who tried to figure out how a sofa worked.


5. This dog loves to stay clean while keeping an eye on things outside.


6. The dog who wanted to see what all the cat toy fuss was about.

Chloe head in cat toy (sml)

7. The dogs who can’t wait to get outside.


8. The dog who needed a little help to work out how the cushion system worked.

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