70K Demand Gumtree Halt Sale of Pets On Website

A Care2 petition urging classifieds website Gumtree to discontinue allowing adverts for the sale of animals on their website has gained more than 70,000 signatures.

Many animal lovers feel by allowing the sale of animals on the website, it facilitates the breeding of dogs and cats for profit when there are already more than 100,000 animals waiting in UK animal rescue centres for homes.

Care2 member and petition author Lynsey Clayton says, “Animal welfare is an extremely important issue for me. It breaks my heart to see so many dogs and cats for sale on Gumtree and I just couldn’t sit back knowing that this was happening, when I know that so many of them end up in awful situations. Unwanted cats and dogs should always be taken to a legitimate rescue shelter, where their future safety and security can more adequately be ensured.“


People signing the petition have shared passionate comments in support of the cause: “You cannot guarantee that these animals will be treated well and kept safe. You are encouraging indiscriminate breeding simply to make money without any concern for animal welfare,” writes petition supporter Yvonne Gray. “This causes unnecessary suffering and distress to some unlucky animals and it is just not ethical to be actively playing a part in their ill treatment.”

“It is totally unethical and potentially cruel to advertise animals on Gumtree. There is no vetting, no safeguard, no protection for the animals which are being sold in this way,” writes supporter Michelle Hart. “These are living creatures, not commodities.”

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