5 Reasons Dogs Rule TV

TV writers have known for years the impact a dog has on a show. Whether they change a character’s likeability or simply draw audiences in.
For example, did you know that one of the unwritten rules of TV is that if you want to make an audience dislike a character write in a scene which sees them interact with a dog whereby they inflict discomfort or pain on their canine co-star?

Most recently newly crowned winners of ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ show, Jules O’Dwyer and her dog, Matisse, came under scrutiny when it became clear Jules had used a stunt dog, yet Matisse isn’t the first canine to win the votes of the British public. In 2012 Ashleigh and her dog, Pudsey, won the talent contest and have gone on to build a career showing the duo’s bond on stage and screen.
So what is it about dogs on TV that we can’t get enough of?

Well, we think we’ve figured it out. Here is K9 Magazine’s five reasons why dogs rule TV.

1. They can surprise even the most professional TV hosts.

2. Readers of a certain age will forever remember coming in from school and watching this soap with it’s bouncy Labrador.

3. They can steal the stage from even the most well-known stars. Celebrities don’t want to talk about themselves, they want to talk about their dogs.

4. Who really wanted to hear about the weather anyway? Ripple rules.

5. Sometimes all you need is a dog and you’ll have one of the Greatest TV Cartoons of All Time as voted by the TV Guide which has been running on and off across the globe for 46 years.

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