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More Than 1 Million Dogs Fed Crisps & Pizzas – Is It A Wonder Obesity Is On The Rise?


Research published by pet insurer Direct Line has revealed that even our dogs now gorge on junk food at a time fears of pet obesity are on the rise.

The study shows that millions of dogs are eating human treats regularly, with a third of pet owners admitting to feeding their dogs snacks like crisps and chocolate – most of which are unhealthy, and some are even potentially toxic.

Over 1.3 million dogs (15 per cent) are scoffing crisps and almost as many (1.1 million) eating pizza. Dogs are even being fed takeaways, with over a third of a million dogs eating deep fried chicken from KFC (4 per cent) and the same number being fed food from McDonald’s. In fact, over 2.3 million dog owners feed their pets human food instead of their regular food.

dog eating photo

Edward Barclay, head of pet insurance at Direct Line, commented: “Fast food takeaways can be extremely dangerous for dogs, who love to rummage through leftover containers in search of a tasty morsel. Direct Line’s own veterinary nurses have seen cases of dogs that have needed urgent medical attention after digesting fried chicken bones, or even whole corn on the cobs, which have resulted in severe digestive problems.”

Photo by dickuhne

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