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1 Million Dogs Die for Indonesia’s Dog Meat Trade, But Most People Don’t Eat It – So Why Is It Happening?

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An investigation by ‘Dog Meat-Free Indonesia’ has concluded that up to a million dogs suffer every year for the dog meat trade across the country.

The shocking findings have been released by the coalition today alongside footage that exposes the horrifying brutality and suffering by almost 1 million dogs, including stolen family pets, every year for Indonesia’s dog meat trade.

But most people in Indonesia don’t eat dogs, and calls are growing to end the trade because of animal welfare and human health concerns, namely the World Health Organization, which has identified Indonesia’s dog meat trade as a major contributor to lethal rabies in the country.

The launch of the “Dog Meat-Free Indonesia” campaign by Animal Friends Jogja, Change for Animals Foundation, Humane Society International and Jakarta Animal Aid Network, has received the backing of some of Indonesia’s biggest superstars – actresses Chelsea Islan and Sophia Latjuba, and singer Gamaliel Tapiheru.

As well as well known animal loving international celebrities Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley and Peter Egan.

The celebrities have starred in a powerful new PSA video called “I Didn’t Know” which campaigners hope will influence hearts and minds towards ending this trade.

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