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Remember When This Dog ATE The Entire Alphabet?

Back in May 2009, Jack was a happy, normal six-month old golden Labrador. Only Jack decided late one night that he was going to eat the  entire alphabet.


Jack’s ill advised downing of a multiple fridge magnets in a midnight snack-attack resulted in his being rushed to PDSA’s Plymouth PetAid hospital the day after he’d been in for a castration operation.

Jack’s owner, Emma Keers, said: “After Jack’s surgery, he was sleepy after the anaesthetic so I put him in the kitchen to recover overnight. The next morning I noticed the whole alphabet was missing from the fridge though Jack wasn’t showing any signs of being ill. He can be quite greedy though and I suspected straight away that something was up so took him back to PDSA where x-rays showed he’d eaten something he shouldn’t have!”

The senior veterinary surgeon, Robert Newcombe, at Plymouth PetAid hospital, said: “We had to operate straight away with both a gastrotomy where we opened up his tummy and an enterotomy to remove more pieces of fridge magnets that had made their way to his intestine. The letters were well chewed and not easy to identify and as well as finding around 30 pieces of chewed plastic, he had eaten some white rubbery cloth!”

Jack stayed in for a couple of days to recover and within a week was back to his normal self. Emma said he now sleeps in the utility room well away from the fridge though she admitted she’s not buying any more fridge magnets!

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