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Hydrotherapy Helped This Labrador to Lose Over 2 Stone, Now He Needs a New Home

Meet Tootsie. He came into rescue weighing almost 45kg – double what would be considered a healthy weight, and was struggling to walk.

His rescue found out that the one-year old Labrador had been fed human food on top of his normal diet and he hadn’t received the exercise needed to burn off the calories he was taking on board. All of this meant he quickly piled on the pounds and because of the extra weight, he couldn’t walk properly.

After receiving medical attention at the Mayhew in London, it was discovered that he had patella luxation of his right stifle, which occurs when the kneecap does not sit in the correct position within the knee joint. This can be a highly painful condition causing lameness and because of his excess weight putting added pressure on his joints, it’s suspected he was more susceptible to the condition.

Now, after 12 sessions of hydrotherapy and a well-balanced diet, he lost an incredible 15kg and has been able to have the surgery needed on his knee. Tootsie is now walking well with no lameness or pain and he is ready to begin a new chapter in a new home.



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