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7 Best Reasons to Clicker Train Your Dog

What are the main advantages to clicker training, you may ask? What actually is clicker training and are its benefits really worth the effort?

Well, take a look at what can be achieved with this method by watching this incredible dog in action:

7 Reasons Why Clicker Training is Worth The Effort

1. Fun. Clicker training, it’s often said by its advocates, keeps the sessions fun and allows dogs to really develop a consistent understanding of new commands.

2. Fast track. Clicker training is a great way to fast track your dog when they’re learning new things.

3. Science. No mumbo jumbo here! Clicker training has been scientifically proven to help dogs learn. It is a well established mechanism by which the learning process can be made simpler for your dog.

4. You can teach your dog literally anything. See the video? That’s the result of a confident dog who obviously loves to learn and an owner who understands the benefits of training with a clicker.

5. Consistency. Dogs love consistency. Using a noise marker, such as a clicker, helps to develop consistency as you train your dog in more advanced situations.

6. Reward based. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that dogs respond best when they’re rewarded for their good behaviour. The clicker trained dog understands the reward theory behind their actions.

7. Cost. You can buy a clicker for less the cost of a coffee. What better reason to start to learn clicker training today?

Want to Learn More About Clicker Training for Dogs?

This clicker training book will steer you right.

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